Where Have I Been All Your Life? 2019

Where Have I Been All Your Life? 2019

Where Have I Been All Your Life?It’s a valid question coming from long-time favorite, but under-recorded, song smith John Dubuc.

Well, for many, this master of wit and melody has been a familiar voice at songwriter nights, coffee shops and late-night bars in southern Ohio for most of the time they’ve been catching live music. There’s just never been a record…

Fortunately, a couple years ago, Dubuc formed a fruitful recording partnership with bassist and studio wiz Tom Rastikis and a cast of heavy hitters began buzzing around the sessions. What we get with the debut is a fully realized and meticulously curated collection of Dubuc’s best work embellished by some of the best players in the Dayton, OH music scene. It’s familiar and rooted in Midwestern rock and roll heritage from the Twin Cities, through Chicago, past the band’s front porch and just slightly reaching down south, but also fresh and unlike anything you’re likely to have heard unless you’ve been fortunate enough to catch the recently formed Guilty Pleasures.

The ability to weave subtle humor with bittersweet, heartbreaking melodies is perhaps Dubuc’s greatest strength and while the expertly arranged music has abundant intrigue to captivate listeners alone, it’s his penchant for unpretentious, deadpan witticism that keeps us hitting “play” repeatedly.

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