The Transfiguration of Salvadore Ross  2019

The Transfiguration of Salvadore Ross 2019

Mystery Head  2017

Mystery Head 2017

Salvadore Ross front man Kyle Byrum describes the band’s sophomore album as a pursuit of understanding and empathy for fellow human beings. It’s a sentiment that easily goes hand in hand with the trio’s psychedelic sound and ethos, as well as the communal spirit that imbues their live show experience.

Indeed, with the addition of bassist Matt Szafranski and hundreds of shows since their debut album, the band has amassed an impressively loyal following and fostered a cohesive sound that continues to blow minds. That sound is captured here on their unfaltering second album, recorded to tape at Reel Love Recording with producer/engineer Patrick Himes. It’s bigger, heavier and headier this time around, but rooted in the same fuzz-centric, blues tinged, song-oriented rock and roll that won fans over to begin with.

Check your ego at the door, tune in to The Transfiguration of Salvadore Ross and join the band on a journey to find compassion. Remember to let it flow and please enjoy the ride.

Mystery Head is the debut album by the fuzz-centric psychedelic pop outfit Salvadore Ross produced by songwriter and lead guitarist Kyle Byrum and studio engineer Tim Pritchard.  The band expands on their live power trio sound with the addition of keys, pedal steel guitar, and haunting vocal choirs that create the perfect soundtrack to your psychonautical journeys.  It's a song oriented album, but the tunes are augmented by a dense sonic delicacies and impressive instrumental passages.