Smalltown, Midwest, USA  2018

Smalltown, Midwest, USA 2018

Small Town, Midwest, USA, is an attempt to understand America in 2018 through a cast of characters you might encounter while walking down Main Street in a small Midwestern town - such as the The New Old-Fashioned's hometown of Dayton, OH. 

There are people from different social settings, economic backgrounds, political affiliations and generations. They’re all slightly at odds with one another, but they have at least one thing in common: home.

The album captures the energy of the band's live "garage country" sound more than previous releases. The rockers rock harder, the ballads are sparser and the twangier tunes recall late nights in Midwestern night clubs where aforementioned characters resolve to common ground. 

These stories were captured to two-inch reel to reel by engineer and producer Patrick Himes of Reel Love Recording Company who also recorded the band's self-titled debut album. Himes joined the band for sessions on organ, pedal steel and Wurlitzer, augmenting their live sound and creating a diverse, sonically pleasing listening experience.

Magnaphone is proud to present this accomplishment on glorious vinyl as well as CD and digital download.