Motel Beds


Dumb Gold Vinyl Release to Benefit Ian Kaplan

Special thanks to the following bands, venues, artists and radio personalities for funding the mastering and manufacturing of this album to support our friend!

The 1984 Draft            
Age Nowhere              
Mike Bankhead             
The Boxcar Suite             
Brat Curse                        
Bribing Senators             
Seth Canan & the Carriers     
Dead Rider                      
Dip Spit                             
Dirty Socialites                  
Great Northern String Band          
The Guilty Pleasures          
Human Cannonball            
Jasper the Colossal              
The Kyle Sowashes             
Magnaphone Records          
Me & Mountains                  
Neo American Pioneers           
The New Old Fashioned          
Nicky Kay Orchestra                 
Oh Condor                             
Poptek Records                   
The Jayne Sachs Band               
Speaking Suns                
Swearing At Motorists                  
Jennifer Taylor Photography     
The Yellow Cab Tavern                     
Your Tuesday Afternoon Alternative            

Ian Kaplan has played in Motel Beds, Lab Partners, Goodbye/Crusher, Lioness, Company Man, Feathered Serpent, Human Reunion, Jayne Sachs Band and many more. He's a friend to many, an incredible musician, and he's one of the funniest people you'll ever meet, despite his longstanding health issues. 

Ian recently had the misfortune of  needing a liver transplant -- and the good fortune of receiving one. While we're so glad Ian is on the road to recovery, he and his wife, Brooke, are now facing the difficult reality of enormous medical bills. Magnaphone had an idea. Let's re-release one of our favorite albums by the Motel Beds, on vinyl for the first time, to benefit our friend Ian and provide his friends and fans with a slice of audiophile bliss. 

Bands and fans from the Dayton area contributed to remaster and press Dumb Gold as a donation to our friend. It's being mastered by Carl Saff  and pressed at Gotta Groove Records in Cleveland, OH. There will be an extremely limited run of 300 copies available, first come first serve, for $25 each. One hundred percent of sales will be used to pay down Ian's medical bills. 

To reserve your copy, please order via the product link below. Additional donations may be made to a GoFundMe campaign set up by Ian's friends. Delivery is expected by mid summer 2018. Thanks for supporting a friend in need... and great local music.