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To Hell with this Delicate Equation, 2019

To Hell with this Delicate Equation, 2019

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Ohio’s best kept secret featuring members of Hawthorne Heights (Mark McMillon and Christopher Popadock) and The Stereo (Chris Serafini) -

join Magnaphone Records with a brand new album, To Hell with this Delicate Equation, that builds on their late 90’s/early 2000’s emo and modern rock roots and yields their most diverse and energetic material to date. It’s aggressive, gritty in the right places, moody and most of all wonderfully melodic. Sweet riffs, outstanding songs and accomplished musicianship define what the group is all about and describe the appeal that keeps fans coming to shows and listening to their records. Those fans will find THWTDE perhaps the most accurate capture of the band’s live show energy, embellished by slick production that urges the listener to “crank it up” and enjoy.