Happy New Year and Thank You for A Good One

The staff and artists at Magnaphone Records wish you a very happy start to 2018! There are big plans to be announced in the very near future and we can promise that it will be a very notable year for our team and our affiliated artists and music fans who are involved in what we do.

Thank you all so much for the support during 2017 as we worked with Salvadore Ross and Lioness to release two of our favorite records of the year. It is amazing to watch "best of" lists roll in and see "Mystery Head" and "Time Killer" listed over and over. Special thanks to Don Thrasher at Dayton.com for the year-in-review posted today that includes both of these. 

The start of 2018 sees Shrug, Lioness and Salvadore Ross back in the studio, midway through production of new releases. Several new acts are slated for release this year, but we're not going drop any names until details are finalized. It's tough not too...but we hope you understand. 

All the best!

-Magnaphone Records Staff